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Additional Services

Additional Services

Highlights of our additional services are listed below, these can be added to any service package you select for an additional fee.

Scotch Guard Fabric Treatment- Protects and Seals the fibers of your interior cloth, also helps prevent stains, such as coffee, milk, soda, etc.

Engine Detail- Clean, Degrease, and Protect with dressing that will make your engine looks as well as the rest of your vehicle.  

Wax Paint Sealant- This Sealant will help prevent water spots from rain or sprinklers, as well as help with dust and dirt to not adhere to your vehicles paint. We recommend applying this sealant to your vehicle at least 4-5 times a year.   

Teflon Protection Coating- This is one of the best protections for your vehicles Paint, this Sealant will create a barrier that helps prevent from corrosive elements, such as ultra violet rays, airborne contaminants, tree sap, acids form leaf stains, bug spatter and bird droppings. All these can eat through your vehicles paint and cause permanent damage. This sealant can provide protection for up to 6 months! This is the same protection the dealership will charge for hundreds more!

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